Dr. Francesco A. Calabrese
Bangkok University



Dr. Francesco A. Calabrese has over fifty years of combined business, technical and teaching experience in high technology information and telecommunications systems design, implementation and integration programs, coupled with engineering, geodetic, geospatial intelligence and photogrammetric activities. His career encompasses the academic, private, and government sectors, and ranges from individual teaching and consultant roles to executive positions in small to large, private and public corporations.

His fields of concentration since 1999 have been in research and practices of the discipline of Knowledge Engineering Systems and Management, applied to the fields of continuous process improvements and organizational transformations. His research foundation is in GWU which achieved the first North American tri-level (Certificate through Doctoral) accredited graduate program in Knowledge Management in 2000. Dr. Calabrese’s May 2000 dissertation, the first of now 30 in that program, established what has become internationally recognized as the “GWU Four Pillar KM Framework Model of: Leadership-Organization-Technology-Learning”. He also functions as the Managing Director and Director for Research and Consulting Programs for GWU’s chartered Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (IKI). His consulting practice base, maintained concurrently with the academic activities, forms a continual feedback loop of trends, changes and innovations enhancing both the research and applications ends of the continuum.





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