Professor Jean-Louis Ermine
Telecom Business School, France



Professor Jean-Louis Ermine obtained a PhD in fundamental mathematics from the University Denis Diderot, Paris, and the title of National Research Director in computer science at the University of Bordeaux.

For more than ten years, at the University of Algiers, then Bordeaux, he carried out research in mathematics, on algebraic geometry applied to functions of several complex variables. In 1985, he switched to Artificial Intelligence. In 1991, he joined the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in Saclay, near Paris, where he was responsible for a post-graduate diploma in computer science, in collaboration with Paris-Sud University (Orsay). From 1994 to 2000 he was responsible for the Knowledge Management Group in the CEA. In 2003, he joined the Business School of the French “Institut Télécom” as head of the Information Systems Department, to develop research and teaching activities in Knowledge Management. He is now Associate Dean for Research in this school.

Jean-Louis Ermine is the inventor of the MASK method, a Knowledge Management methodology used in the CEA and in a great number of French and foreign companies since 1993. He has written more than 100 scientific articles and four books on Knowledge Management and Engineering, and has supervised 22 PhDs in these domains. He was named as “CEA senior expert” in 1996, and “CEA expert consultant” for external companies in 1997. Since 2002, he has acted as a KM expert at the United Nations (International Atomic Energy Agency, International Telecommunications Union). In 1999, he founded the French Knowledge Management Club, an association grouping a large number of French speaking companies. He is now the president of this club. Since 2006 he has been the invited researcher at the « Centre d’Études Francophones pour l’Informatisation des Organisations » (CEFRIO) in Canada. In 2007 he was named by the French government as KM expert for the UN/IAEA.

Jean-Louis Ermine has been project leader or advisor in numerous research or industrial KM projects in public or private companies in France (Industry, Energy, Transport, Defence, Banking, SMEs etc.) and abroad (Sonatrach (Algeria), Hydro-Québec, Public Administration (Canada), Nuclear Research Centre (Brazil), National Nuclear Safety Authorities (IAEA Asia) etc.





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