Prof. Michael Stankosky
The George Washington University, USA



Prof. Michael Stankosky obtained his doctorate from The George Washington University (GWU) by researching organizational effectiveness. His subsequent research focuses on how to engineer and manage a global enterprise in a knowledge-based economy.

He joined GWU in 1998, and is serving there as Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering. At GWU he created the theoretical constructs required for the master’s and doctorate in knowledge management (KM) – a first in academia. He is Editor Emeritus of VINE: The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems – part of Emerald Group Ltd.

He co-founded and co-directs the Institute for Knowledge & Innovation, a global network of scholars and practitioners of KM. Their purpose is to create universally accepted frameworks and solutions for knowledge-driven enterprises.

Professor Stankosky spent seven years as an executive for business development in high-tech systems engineering and integration companies. He had a career in the military, serving in many capacities of leadership, diplomacy, and systems development and management. He also held adjunct faculty positions for over 25 years, lecturing at several universities in business management, systems engineering, information management, and related courses.

He is a Distinguished Fellow at The Center for Advanced Technologies, Dallas, Texas. He has published many seminal articles on KM, made numerous presentations and workshops worldwide, and consults to both the private and public sectors. He is also a charter member of the New Club of Paris, dedicated to establishing international valuation and accounting standards for intellectual capital/knowledge assets.





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