Prof. Francis Doug Tuggle
Chapman University



Dr. Francis Doug Tuggle holds the BS degree from MIT, and the MS and Ph. D. degrees from Carnegie Mellon University. He is also Professor at the George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University. Additionally, he is managing partner of Family Health Information Services, LLC and Vice President of Anderson and Tuggle, Inc. He sits on the Board of Trustees of the University for Creative Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Breda, Holland. Doug has been a consultant for nearly 40 years, starting with the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica. His clients include CBS Television, Sprint, the World Bank, AOL, Hallmark Cards, and Kansas City Power and Light. He is a certified One Page Business Plan® consultant.

He presently serves on the board of directors of Equus Total Return, Inc., an NYSE listed company, where he also on the audit committee and compensation committee. He is also on the board of Ascertain-ment, Inc. He sits on two non-profit boards: SPIN (Serving People In Need, working with the 35,000 homeless in Orange County, CA) and the Bethany Foundation of Kennesaw, GA that promotes literacy in Ethiopia. Previously, he was on the board of Texas Commerce Bankshares and the Greensheet, both of Houston, TX. Doug’s consulting expertise includes corporate planning and strategy, corporate culture issues (e.g., if a merger or acquisition is planned), creative leadership, and information technology strategy and deployment. Doug is an accomplished public speaker, and addresses small and large groups with equal facility. He served on the faculty at the University of Kansas (in both the School of Business and the Department of Computer Science within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences). He was dean and Jesse H. Jones Professor of Management at Rice University in Houston, TX (where he was also appointed to the Psychology Department). He was dean and professor at the Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington, D. C. Most recently, he was the Robert J. and Carolyn A. Waltos, Jr. Dean at the Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University. Doug has written two books and published more than 70 scientific papers and is at work on a third book on the art and science of getting work done smartly.





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