Dr. Mirghani Mohamed
Chief for Cyber security KM



Dr. Mirghani Mohamed is the Vice president and CTO for Applied Knowledge Sciences. He holds M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Agronomy/Statistics, M. Sc. in Computer Science and D.Sc. in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management with emphasis on Knowledge Management. He is an Oracle Certified Professional. Drs. Mohamed has wealth of operational experience in ICT Roadmapping, Technology Operations, Change Management, Content Management, and Technology Strategic and Capacity Planning. Drs. Mohamed is also hold a ITIL IPRC Certificate. He supervised many community building, communication and collaboration technologies in the areas of technology operations, financial systems and KM. He worked as a technical lead for deployments of complex ERP and many other enterprise-wide systems. He has worked in many socio-technical projects with the intention to narrow the digital divide and to deliver and share the knowledge with the poor. During his work with INSTORMIL CRSP Drs. Mohamed involved in various regional and national sustainable development and humanitarian efforts in Sudan.





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