About us

Today, Bangkok University has repositioned itself as a Creative University, focusing on developing graduates having creative minds and entrepreneurial spirits so they live happily and successfully in today’s creative industrialized society and creative and modernized economy.

Why PhD KIM?

These days, organizations need to be able to respond rapidly to their environmental changes and challenges. Agility, openness, creativity, innovation, and personalized customer attention, help them to remain competitive. The KIM Ph.D. program was designed in following the same principles of agility, openness, innovation, and customer attention, to provide students with a supportive and flexible educational environment which facilitates students’ progress towards degree completion and personal satisfaction. Our doctoral program is fully committed to the Bangkok University’s mission to produce creative graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit for the global creative economy.

The goal of our program is to provide students with advanced academic training in the design and conduct of rigorous and quality research that allows them to contribute to the knowledge base of the Knowledge Management and Innovation Management disciplines and of the profession. Students gain theoretical and methodological sophistication from seminars and research conducted through interchange with international faculty, other graduate students, and business practitioners. The research skills acquired will allow Ph.D. graduates to strengthen their work in the classroom, as well as in the boardroom.

Our program is open to candidates from a large variety of backgrounds who have demonstrated their intellectual capacity, critical thinking skills, open-mindedness, creativity, and potential for effective research. In addition, Bangkok University is one of only a few universities in South-East Asia to offer International, research-based, doctoral programs in the combined disciplines of knowledge management and innovation management. Consequently, our program is highly competitive and we accept a very limited number of students each year, in order to maintain high internationalized educational standards, and also in order to better serve our students.

The program’s greatest resource is its faculty. Bangkok University was able to assemble a team of internationally recognized scholars and practitioners for their research and teaching expertise, as well as for their experiences in the business field. Because we keep our Ph.D. program small, students have ready access to these top-notch scholars. Our program is very “user friendly” in the sense that students get a great deal of individual attention and they will never feel anonymous at Bangkok University because we do our best to cultivate a caring and nurturing environment.

Furthermore, this program is conducted in partnership with world renowned universities and research centers in the Knowledge Management and Innovation Management fields; The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation at the George Washington University (USA), Université Grenoble Alpes (France) and the Knowledge Management Research Centre at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong). Interested students who qualify for obtaining a dual Ph.D. degree will be able to do so at a top European university, Université Grenoble Alps in France.