Education at Bangkok University offers a creative vibrant environment. Learn more about the PhD KIM program below.

Steps for applying

Personalized support and attention

This program was designed to help students finish their program over a period of three years. A research committee will review and advise students throughout the program with a set of predefined deadlines. Various methods will be used to help follow the progress of each individual student, to motivate them and to provide them with the help and guidance necessary for them to progress toward their graduation. BU staff and academics are all committed to help you succeed, providing you with a caring and nurturing learning environment.

Nevertheless, completing a Ph.D. is not an easy task and students should be prepared to dedicate a large part of their “free time” to study and work on their dissertation. Despite the help provided by BU academics and staff, students who are not strongly motivated, committed and eager to learn will not be able to succeed.