The KIM program will allow students to develop their critical and creative thinking through various types of learning and research activities, and will allow them to develop lifelong learning capabilities.

Innovation management focuses on managing the different phases of the innovation process from idea generation (creativity), to idea selection, to the successful implementation of the idea into a new product, service, process or business model.

Innovation models continuously evolve and open up by involving employees but also all other stakeholders as well as the Internet crowd. Since most innovations are driven by previously developed or acquired knowledge, both disciplines are closely related and have a lot of similarities in terms of their implementation and challenges. For example, both disciplines require some degree of organizational change in order to succeed, and they both rely heavily on human motivation, culture and leadership. Technology will help support both KM and IM initiatives, acting as an “enabler”.

These days, learning becomes a necessity for organizations to rapidly adapt to their fast changing environments, which are becoming more and more complex, globalised and uncertain.