The KIM program will allow students to develop their critical and creative thinking through various types of learning and research activities, and will allow them to develop lifelong learning capabilities.

Cross-Functional Curriculum

Our integrated approach provides a balance between theory and real practice through research processes, case studies, experiential activities, and class discussions. activities, and class discussions.

Possibility of earning a dual Degree

Ph.D. in Knowledge Management and Innovation Management (Bangkok University).
Ph.D. in Management (Université Grenoble Alpes).
Note: Requires spending at least one year in France

World-Class Faculty

Who are top-notch international scholars and who have extensive experience working with corporate executives as managers and consultants in Knowledge Management and in Innovation Management. Some of them come from institutions that are partners with us on this program such as George Washington University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Université Grenoble Alpes.

Personal Attention

Because we keep our Ph.D. program small, students have ready access to this world-class faculty. Our program is very “user friendly” in the sense that we do our best to cultivate a caring and nurturing environment so students can get a great deal of individual attention.

Quality of Participants

The KIM Ph.D. program is very competitive. Your peers are high-achieving, remarkable professionals, diverse in their experiences and perspectives; they are an important source of shared learning and idea exchange, and help to provide a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Enhance your research capacity

As a visiting researcher in our international partnerships countries (France, USA, Hong Kong).

Flexible time

Weekend courses and innovative learning style

Networking with Leaders

To fostering a vibrant learning environment, the program frequently invites leaders in business, government, and academia to speak in the Seminar and CEO leadership panels. Live case studies about KM and IM can be shared directly with students in the program.

Getting access to IKI-SEA

The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation South-East Asia (IKI-SEA) has demonstrated successfully that it is one of the top providers of KIM services, training and event organizers in Thailand. By joining this program you will have direct access to its resources and to its experts in the KIM field.